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It has been one year at this location and we are so thankful for our growing community!

This month, we have been featured on HoneyKids Asia as one of the top tuition, enrichment and student care centres in Singapore. We are thrilled and would like to share this with you.

Thank YOU for making this happen!

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About Us: What Sets Us Apart

At English Ninjas, we believe in education that focuses on the learning process and in developing students for life rather than a focus on grades as the only yardstick.

We believe in equipping our students with the skills, mindset and practical tools to enable them to learn, to innovate and to think critically beyond the classroom.

Our Growth Mindset framework, bespoke materials, pedagogy and technology aim not only to build a strong foundation but also nurture our students’ curiosity and ability to thrive.

We believe learning begins with us.

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Our Curriculum: What do we do?

Our bespoke materials are designed in-house to be in alignment with Singapore’s MOE syllabus. Our skills-based approach incorporates current affairs and carefully selected literature as catalysts in the learning process.

Our weekly English classes cover all components of the English Language paper except for listening comprehension.

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Find out more on our Composition Writing Method.

The English Ninjas Difference

Growth Mindset

At English Ninjas, we make time to create opportunities to practise the Growth Mindset in our classroom. This allows our students to gain confidence in sharing their thoughts, experiences and opinions.

Find out more on our Growth Mindset.

The Calibre of Our Master Ninjas

We are educators with a heart for people.

Our teachers are experienced and passionate about nurturing their students as learners.

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Personalised Approach

We intentionally keep the student-to-teacher ratio small so the teacher has time and space to engage every learner.

Our hybrid-learning space (in-person and remote) follows the same principles and the student headcount is also kept small to ensure quality engagement.

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