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Learn how Critical Thinking and Eloquent Expression can give you Ninja breakthroughs academically and beyond.

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Welcome to English Ninjas

We achieve Mastery of the English Language through a curriculum grounded in critical thinking.

We understand that time is precious so we design our curriculum for long-term impact.


Are you constantly frustrated because:

You do not know how to better help your Primary and/or Secondary School Child?

Your child has attended multiple tuition centres and private tuition, but your child does not seem to be able to apply what he/she has learnt?

Your child has been working really hard by memorising model compositions, word lists and good phrases but still struggles to write an effective composition?

Has your child been doing many past years papers but not sure on the exact skills needed to improve?

Unique Methodology, Proven Results

80% of EN students achieved a score of AL1, AL2 and AL3 in their PSLE English
2 out of 3 EN students achieved A1, A2 or B3 in their O-Level English
92% of EN students attained their desired grade in their assessments
4 out of 5 students become confident writers after a year at English Ninjas

English Ninjas' Composition Writing Framework

What Makes A Successful Composition?

Our ABC-DEF composition writing techniques can help your child to hone his/her writing skills.

When applying the ABC method, we teach your child how to start when planning a good composition. We train your child to use our in-house effective composition writing techniques that are related to structure, ideas and critical thinking to set him/her on the right path even before they start writing.

Next, after deciding on an effective storyline, your child will apply the DEF method with a structure using a range of literacy techniques to build up his/her descriptions, insightful use of up-pitched vocabulary and good use of grammar to make his/her story interesting.

Our proven method of looking at HOW to use writing techniques, not just WHAT the techniques are, has helped many of our students improve his/her writing skills. We do analysis of composition writing techniques in class and look at HOW to implement such techniques effectively.

We are not only interested in creating students who do well academically, we are interested in nurturing students who are thinkers and learners for the rest of their lives.


Like What We Do and Believe that Success is more than Just Memorising?

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Parents Trust Their Children With Us.

We offer Webinars, Live Stream and Learning Resources to better support parents who wants to help their children.

English Ninja’s structured approach to English Language acquisition creates long-lasting results for your child.

Our in-house composition writing methodology will develop your child as a confident writer and curious learner without the need for aimless memorising of word lists and model compositions.

Your child will learn to analyse questions type, predictive reading methodology and pick up essential exam skills that will enable them to think critically and excel in school and beyond with ease.


Hear What Our Parents Have Been Saying

Ee Jia
Parent of K, P6 Composition

Empowering Critical Thinking and Writing Confidently! Class is FUN!

I came across English Ninjas' ads on IG and was drawn to their philosophy - encouraging critical thinking, growth mindset and NOT memorising plots or good phrases to ace composition-writing. As I made enquiries, Jewel was really pleasant, accommodating and patient in addressing my concerns as well as ensuring that the class would be beneficial.

I'm really thankful for the centre (Ms Esther) for empowering my child to think and write confidently. In my child's words, he says "Class is fun, not like any other tuition." and rates it as "great!" compared to the half-grudging "good" when i ask him about other classes. This speaks volumes, and this is how learning should be! We are definitely looking forward to more classes at English Ninjas.

Loh Sing
Parent of M, P4 English and Composition Writing

Well-designed Composition Writing techniques focuses on Critical Thinking and Contextual Application!

My daughter has been attending English and Composition Writing classes at English Ninjas Enrichment for a year and finds them enjoyable and useful compared to other centers. Their well-designed composition writing techniques focuses on critical thinking and contextual application have been very beneficial to my girl's learning.

Ms. Esther and Ms. Catherine are passionate and insightful teachers who go the extra mile for their student. Jewel, has been very supportive since the start and explained the benefits of English Ninjas' teaching and reassured me.

Parent of K, P6 English

Passionate and Experienced Teacher that Meets My Child's Learning Needs!

Teacher Esther is a very passionate, kind and experienced teacher. I am impressed that she did not hesitate to invite me to sit in the class when I shared that my son has problem with languages and not all teaching styles suit him. She even adjusted her teaching methods to help my son who has trouble remembering english language concepts. In addition, she will correct little things like his poor handwriting. Appreciate the dedication and patience from Teacher Esther.

It is a pleasure to communicate with the operations personnel Jewel, as she addresses my enquires and concerns promptly, making things flow smoothly. Thank you Esther and Jewel! Keep up with the good work!

Lu Ping
Parent of A, Yr4 English

Prepared Well for the O-Level English Examination!

The teachers and entire team are just great! My son had his O Levels in 2022.
They are dedicated, going the extra mile in guiding my son through his curriculum. There were some aspects of the preparation for O levels English which were tougher, but they helped him to navigate through and prepared him well for his English O level exam. We were happy with his results.

They accommodated his last minute changes in schedule seamlessly and make up lessons were promptly arranged. Thank you English Ninja!!

Parent of N, P5 English

Positive Learning Environment, Comprehensive Materials!

Teachers are engaging and friendly allowing for a positive learning environment. In addition, they have good material and resources in all aspects of English.

Would recommend it to all who require tutoring for English!

Parent of T, P5 English

Small Class Size Ratio, Flexibility in Lesson Arrangement!

Came across English Ninja via FB. They sounded dedicated and so I registered. What I liked most was that they let my child have a 4 week paid trial lesson. This gave my child enough time to tell me if she was comfortable. it also gave the teacher a gauge of my child's standards.

I also like their small class size and the option of online or onsite lesson. It gives me more flexibility. Teacher Zoe is very dedicated and my child enjoys her lesson.

Parent of B, P6 English and J, P4 English

Small Class Size Ratio, Good Engagement, Passionate Team!

My two children have been attending classes at English Ninjas for about a year now. The class sizes are kept deliberately small to allow good engagement and attention from the teachers.

The operations personnel, Jewel is a breath of fresh air, always so positive, professional and passionate in her work attitude. She is a pleasure to talk to.

Parent of A, P6 English

Helped My Child Understand Difficult Concepts Well!

English Ninjas has helped my child understand very difficult concepts taught in school! My daughter has been with English Ninjas ever since Primary One and some of her teachers, Ms Esther, Ms Catherine, Ms Jewel and Ms Zoe are extremely understanding and has helped her a lot!

Thank you so much for everything you've done, English Ninjas!

Founder and Academic Director, Esther Leng

With more than 20 years of experience teaching in government schools, top tuition centres and tertiary education, Ms Esther specialises in making learning fun, effective and engaging for students. She has been running her own enrichment and tuition centres for over ten years, first under The Education Advocates, and now, English Ninjas Enrichment and Tuition Centre.

Ms Esther's many years of experience has equipped her with insight into what makes an impact in the long run. She has seen that rote learning and memorising does not benefit the student, but instead, students who are confident learners and thinkers are effective, no matter what they do. At the O Levels, A Levels, the IB programme and beyond, the ability to think critically, analyse logically and communicate effectively are key ingredients to being successful.

This understanding is at the heart of what we do and practice here at English Ninjas.

Debunking Myths of English Language as a Subject:

Myth 1: Memorising word lists and model compositions/essays will improve my child's writing.

Pure memorisation limits creativity, understanding, and adaptability in composition writing. Relying solely on memorised information, students struggle to adapt to unfamiliar titles and pictures in the composition component. True learning involves thinking critically and logical analysis to creating original storylines for good and effective composition writing. Our proprietary ABC-DEF Composition Writing Method provides the structure for students to become confident writers who are able to think and create independently.

Myth 2: Doing past year papers and assessment books will benefit my child.

Blindly attempting practice papers or Ten Years' Series does little to help students at their major exams like the PSLE and O Levels, and does not encourage true learning. The catalyst for learning is analysis that leads to understanding - a process that is crucial for higher grades ad for creating lifelong impact. Our comprehensive approach nurtures thinkers AND provides academic success by sparking curiosity through class discussions on diverse current affairs.

Myth 3: We speak good English at home, why isn't my child doing well in the subject?

Proficiency in speaking does not reflect mastery in Writing, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, and Critical Analysis. Achieving academic success in English is determined by these comprehensive abilities.

Myth 4: My child reads a lot, but why isn't he/she writing and speaking well?

Most students read for entertainment. This means that they may not pay attention to language features in the story. To truly excel and master the language, students need to learn to use what they know effectively. There is a need to process and connect their knowledge through writing, critical thinking, logical analysis, vocabulary usage, and comprehension - all essential for academic success.

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