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Welcome to English Ninjas!

Engaging Learning Experience

Our hybrid (in-person and remote) classes are delivered using interactive tools such as live annotations, videos and stimulating discussions which enable both teachers and students to learn in a collaborative environment.

Our teaching styles are aligned with our culture and values of cultivating the growth mindset in every learner in and out of our classroom. We focus on asking students questions to develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills, which has empowered them to tackle questions independently and apply them accurately.

The pandemic times have taught us to face the ever-changing landscape of life and the education business.

Through robust-training programmes, teaching and technology training, our teachers are encouraged to adapt to changes, sharpen their problem solving skills, and innovate to offer an enhanced uniquely blended hybrid learning experience to students, parents and the ninja community.

Bespoke Materials

Our materials are written in-house, incorporating current affairs and global concerns that nurture curiosity. We also ensure that our materials remain relevant to the MOE syllabus, hone our students’ analytical skills and build their confidence.

Likewise, multiple feedback channels help us to continuously monitor trends and update our curriculum and maintain the quality of our materials.

Thoughtfully-designed lesson plans are curated to support students with critical thinking, confidence building, progression and answering techniques in mind.

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Passionate Educators

Over at English Ninjas, we believe everything starts from me. We see ourselves as educators with a heart for people, meaning and intention, a passion for student development, and an attitude that cultivates a growth mindset.

We build our tribe of teachers who share similar values, attitudes and skill sets. All of our teachers receive training in our in-house teaching pedagogy and are equipped with classroom experience and knowledge to facilitate the best learning experiences for our primary and secondary school students.

Most importantly, we believe that learning can be fun, motivating and effort-less.

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Vibrant Community

Our Ninja Community is built upon the intention of creating a safe and supportive learning environment where parents and children can work hand-in-hand to cultivate an inquisitive appetite for learning.

It is also a lifestyle series celebrating the diversity, passion and grit of the many inspiring people that we have met on our journey with English Ninjas.

One of our approaches in doing so is to partner with parents on ways to holistically engage their child, enable them with tools to navigate through challenges and strengthen the transference back in school and in life. This is a collective arenal of inspiration that fills our lives with positivity and getting inspired with our informative, educational workshops, webinars, parenting tips and exchanges of ideas.

We believe that parents are a strong pillar of academic and emotional support model for your child. While our curriculum and teachers deliver the content and kickstart the creation of the environment for learning, it is always the parent who plays a consistent role eliciting learning and character development for your child.

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Curated Library

At English Ninjas, the in-house library represents our love for the English language and the beauty of story-telling in capturing life and adventure.

Our library houses more than five hundred carefully selected titles for every reading level, our students are spoiled for choice. We encourage students to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Among the shelves, there is something for every reader and if you cannot decide, we have featured titles and/or authors that you can reach for.

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Digital Learning Platform (DLP)

Every child is supported in every step of the way! With our digital learning platform, we have pre-recorded lessons, digital worksheets, practice questions and timed assessments where our students can manage their own self-practice. Look out for our updates on when the Digital Learning Platform will be ready!

This platform gives you real-time feedback and overview on your child’s progress - what he/she can do more of, less of and/or differently as we work towards excellence.

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