Primary and Secondary Workshops

With a range of stimulating activities specially developed for every specific level, our workshops provide a platform for your child to explore their passions, build on key knowledge, cultivate new skills and give their revision a turbo boost during the holidays.

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Why a mock exam helps prepare the PSLE?

We have found that many students are not accustomed to getting through Paper 1 and Paper 2 back to back as it requires mental and physical stamina. Getting students acclimatised to exam conditions help to alleviate some of the anxiety associated with sitting for the PSLE.

Having practised getting through the paper, students are better able to handle the strain that comes with being focused and writing for a prolonged period of time. With our deep belief in setting students up for success, these sessions are meant to help students prepare for the PSLE.

Why a mock exam for Primary 5 students?

Without mid-year examinations for all Primary 5 students, some students get a shock when they sit for their first full English Language paper at the end of the year. Parents are also left wondering how their child is coping with the new components and the jump in expectations of this level. While Weighted Assessments do offer snapshots of how students are coping in school, sitting for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 back to back, and to do it well, requires stamina and pacing.

With this in mind, we are offering students a chance to experience the full paper under examination conditions but without the stress of the results. We believe that this experience helps students gain familiarity with and an understanding of what to expect at their End of Year Examination.

How does this help my child?

At English Ninjas, we believe that structured practice makes progress. With this in mind, our Intensive Revision Workshops are designed as short term support for students who want or need help in specific areas of concern.

Students will benefit from attention to skills that help them in the various components and an increased awareness of how they can improve their answering technique. These workshops are meant to supplement students' revision and do not take the place of regular revision and practice.

2022 December Holiday Workshops

Focused workshops that allow students to select the components that they need more help in before the next academic year.

Give your child a leg up before they start the next chapter of their education journey!

This workshop will introduce students to literary devices that will be covered in Secondary 1 Literature and Year 1 Language Arts, and take them through the basic skills for expressing their views in expos...