Primary and Secondary Workshops

With a range of stimulating activities specially developed for every specific level, our workshops provide a platform for your child to explore their passions, build on key knowledge, cultivate new skills and give their revision a turbo boost during the holidays.

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2024 March Holiday Workshops

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A series of focused workshops that allow students to work on Primary 3 to 6 Composition Writing and PSLE Oral.

This run of the Critical Analysis Workshop is over.

Give Your Child An Impactful Boost For The PSLE During This Final Lap!

If your child has been going through practice papers without really benefitting from the practice, this course is for him/her. Adopting our Critical Thinking and Predictive Reading approach, our curriculum specialists designed these short intensive workshops to strengthen your child's language competency and examination performance in the run up to the PSLE.

This run of the Mock Examination has been completed.
Please click here for our next round of Mock Examinations.

Why a mock exam for Primary 5 students?

Without mid-year examinations for all Primary 5 students, some students get a shock when they sit for their first full English Language paper a...

2022 December Holiday Workshops

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Focused workshops that allow students to select the components that they need more help in before the next academic year.

Give your child a leg up before they start the next chapter of their education journey!

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This workshop will introduce students to literary devices that will be covered in Secondary 1 Literature and Year 1 Language Arts, and take them through the basic skills for expressing their views in expositional writing through engaging discussions.

Come join us for a fun taster of what these areas of study are like!