Primary and Secondary Workshops

With a range of stimulating activities specially developed for every specific level, our workshops provide a platform for your child to explore their passions, build on key knowledge, cultivate new skills and give their revision a turbo boost during the holidays.

Click on the workshops below to learn how your child can benefit from them!

Give your child a leg up before they start the next chapter of their education journey!

This workshop will introduce students to literary devices that will be covered in Secondary 1 Literature and Year 1 Language Arts, and take them through the basic skills for expressing their views in expos...

Give your child a boost with the skills he/she needs to be successful in the End-of-Year examinations!

How Your Child Will Benefit
At English Ninjas, students benefit from focusing on the top grammar rules and learning skills that impact their Cloze Passages, Synthesis and Transformation and Editing. These four components make up 70% of Paper 2, Booklet B, so they make a big difference in an exam.

In our Primary 5 Intensive Revision Workshops, we will be covering these components, descriptive writing in Composition and Comprehension Open-Ended too!

We are excited to release our interactive story workshops: Ninja Authors, and Ninja Speech & Stories for our Lower Primary Students! 😎 📖

Upper Primary students will benefit from targeted practices of Composition Writing, Synthesis & Transformation, Comprehension Cloze and Comprehens...