Fixed Mindset:

The belief that you are born with a certain amount of talent, skill or intelligence and it cannot be improved upon.

Growth Mindset:

The belief that you can learn from your failures and work with that information in order to improve. That you are capable of growth.

Why Growth Mindset?

Through the years, we have observed that students’ mindsets and beliefs about themselves have a marked impact on their motivation as well as their progress. Students who believe that they are “smart” seem to do better but often do not handle failure well because it went against their belief about themselves. The opposite is true of students who believe that they are “not smart”.

Seeking to make a difference in this area, we started looking into various pedagogies or a paradigm shift that we can leverage to empower our students. We found the Growth Mindset, which is based on the extensive research and work of Dr. Carol Dweck. It is a paradigm shift to the way we see education, learning and the impact of how we speak to ourselves.

As educators, we began to apply the Growth Mindset into the way we delivered our lessons, the way we spoke to our students and the way we discussed grades (or outcomes). What we have found is that we, too, are impacted by the Growth Mindset. Our paradigms shifted as educators and then as individuals. We learnt to practice the Growth Mndset in our own lives. When we did that, we also saw and felt the impact of it in the classroom with our students.

Reframing the way we see results and changing our conversation about the learning process means that we design our materials with that in mind and we create safe spaces in our classrooms for students to experience what the Growth Mindset is.

At English Ninjas, we steer away from a conversation that only values grades. Instead, we focus on the value of effort, of learning and of progress over time.

Hear What Our Parents Have Been Saying

Ee Jia
Parent of K, P6 Composition

Empowering Critical Thinking and Writing Confidently! Class is FUN!

I came across English Ninjas' ads on IG and was drawn to their philosophy - encouraging critical thinking, growth mindset and NOT memorising plots or good phrases to ace composition-writing. As I made enquiries, Jewel was really pleasant, accommodating and patient in addressing my concerns as well as ensuring that the class would be beneficial.

I'm really thankful for the centre (Ms Esther) for empowering my child to think and write confidently. In my child's words, he says "Class is fun, not like any other tuition." and rates it as "great!" compared to the half-grudging "good" when i ask him about other classes. This speaks volumes, and this is how learning should be! We are definitely looking forward to more classes at English Ninjas.

Parent of K, P6 English

Passionate and Experienced Teacher that Meets My Child's Learning Needs!

Teacher Esther is a very passionate, kind and experienced teacher. I am impressed that she did not hesitate to invite me to sit in the class when I shared that my son has problem with languages and not all teaching styles suit him. She even adjusted her teaching methods to help my son who has trouble remembering english language concepts. In addition, she will correct little things like his poor handwriting. Appreciate the dedication and patience from Teacher Esther.

It is a pleasure to communicate with the operations personnel Jewel, as she addresses my enquires and concerns promptly, making things flow smoothly. Thank you Esther and Jewel! Keep up with the good work!

Loh Sing
Parent of M, P4 English and Composition Writing

Well-designed Composition Writing techniques focuses on Critical Thinking and Contextual Application!

My daughter has been attending English and Composition Writing classes at English Ninjas Enrichment for a year and finds them enjoyable and useful compared to other centers. Their well-designed composition writing techniques focuses on critical thinking and contextual application have been very beneficial to my girl's learning.

Ms. Esther and Ms. Catherine are passionate and insightful teachers who go the extra mile for their student. Jewel, has been very supportive since the start and explained the benefits of English Ninjas' teaching and reassured me.

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