Our Teaching Philosophy
  • We believe that every child is capable of creating his or her own unique masterpieces.
  • We enable our students to develop character strengths by creating opportunities for them to explore writing styles and learn in a safe space.
  • We challenge our students to have high aspirations, take risks, and practice resilience.

At English Ninjas, we encourage creative and critical thinking.

We encourage students to practice creating their own storylines.

Practice makes progress.

Students need time and space to practice critical thinking, to make mistakes and learn from them. We DO NOT encourage students to memorise someone else’s work or a model composition as we believe that it tells them subtly that ‘You are never good enough to write creatively, so use someone else's work’. Memorising is a short term fix with little long term gain. Giving students the time to explore the writing process for themselves may feel slow-going but learning cannot be rushed.

Moreover, memorising stories does not teach students about the creative process at all, nor does it allow them opportunities to experience their own success.

We set out to set our students up for success in the long term by sharpening skills like logical and critical thinking so necessary to tackle the challenges in different aspects of life.

Composition Proficiency

We support our students to attain proficiency in the two main areas: Content and Language.


Create storylines that are highly interesting, clear, logical, and fully relevant to the title given.


  • Develop language skills that equips students to write independently with good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Expand range of vivid vocabulary that immerse readers in the scene.
  • Excellent paragraphing and sequencing of events.

Planning with the ABC Method

Features of the Method:

Analyse Title and Pictures

Deconstruct the keyword(s) in the question to craft a highly relevant storyline

Brainstorm Plot Possibilities

Branch out plot possibilities for a highly interesting storyline

Create an Interesting Character

Develop the character's arc to add OOMPH! to the story

Writing with the DEF Method

Check out the concise explanation of Emphatic Expressions here! ↴
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Features of the Method:

Dynamic Dialogue

Effective dialogue to convey characters' emotions

Emphatic Expressions

Emotive expressions to make readers support or dislike the characters

Feeling Verbs

Vivid verbs to immerse readers in the scene

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