Ninja Courses Available

In designing our classes and the materials for our classes, we believe in engaging material that excites our students and expands their horizons. For a thorough and balanced coverage, our Regular English Classes cover every component of the English Language paper except for Listening Comprehension.

For those who would like to delve deeper into Composition Writing, we created the Composition classes just for you!

Secondary School classes are designed to cater to those who want to focus on O Level English, those who would like a balance of English and English Literature, as well as those who take Language Arts.

Primary School English

P1 to P6

Primary School English Composition

P3/4 and P5/6

Secondary O Level English

Sec 1 to Sec 4/5

Secondary IP Language Arts

Year 1 to Year 4

Private Lessons

Upon special request

Holiday Workshops

March, June, September, December

Class Schedule

Spread out over the weekdays and weekends, we do our best to cater to everyone's busy schedules and teacher availability. If you cannot find something that meets your needs here, drop us an email and we will look at how we can create new possibilities.

All of our classes are available as hybrid options. This means that your child can attend the lesson either in person or online and there is flexibility to choose on a weekly basis. We offer this to meet the needs of our fast-changing reality in a time of Covid. If your child is not feeling well or has come into close contact with a confirmed Covid case, you have the flexibility to keep your child home for the week and attend the class online via Zoom then when your child feels better, to attend the next lesson in person.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2:45pm P2 English P2 English P6 English
P4 English P4 English
P5 English
5:00pm P3/4 Compo P1 English S4 English P6 English
P6 English P3 English
11:15am P3 English
P5 English
1:30pm S1/S2 English
3:45pm S3 English

* Our weekly lesson cycle starts on Wednesdays
** Schedule updated: 21 July 2022

9:30am P5 English