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Five Essential Grammar Rules Cheat Sheet

Here is a free downloadable cheat sheet covering the Five Essential Grammar Rules especially for you.

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Our programmes and classes cover all these rules and much, much more - including the all important ABC-DEF Method of Composition. Ta...

How we would approach the composition from the PSLE 2023 paper!

Using our in-house ABC Method, we break down the title and pictures for you, and give our take on some possible storylines.

When to Use 'Despite' and 'In Spite Of'

👆 Suitable for Upper Primary students!

Despite and In spite of are used in the same way to introduce a surprising result.

Support Your Child to Write 4-Picture Compositions with these Golden Rules

NOTE. This format is only tested up to Primary 2!

Embarking on writing is a remarking and rewarding journey. Here at English Ninjas, we give our students practical tips to support our budding wordsmiths!

Here are...

Differentiating 'Tone' and 'Attitude'

Questions about tone and attitude are found in both English and Literature at Secondary level. Most students struggle with such questions as they cannot differentiate them and do not have the range of vocabulary to answer the question well.

Note that wor...