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Transforming sentences using Because, But and Although

We can use these connectors whenever we want to show the reason of an action, to express different ideas, or to reveal a surprising outcome! Even as we use these words frequently, it can be rather tricky to differentiate between them.

Congratulations to all our students who have completed their PSLE English papers! Best wishes for your upcoming papers!

Situational Writing

*based on students' recollection

What Your Child’s “I Can’t Do It” Really Means

Every now and then, your child might enter a dreaded phase in which their go-to mantra seems to be “I can’t do it.” But before you start condemning their lack of understanding or dismissing it as a case of laziness, it’s time to take a step back a...

When do you use "I" vs" Me"?

I and ME are both pronouns. This means that they are words which are used in place of a proper name.

Many speakers of English who confuse the two are not sure how to use them correctly, so we put this together to help you figure it out.

I is a subject pronoun....

Revising Effectively for the Oral Exam

Doing well in the oral component is not rocket science even if it makes many of us nervous. With a plethora of topics that are wide-ranging, students sometimes resort to memorising facts or even good phrases. While these things have their place, there are als...