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Congratulations to all our students who have completed their PSLE English papers! Best wishes for your upcoming papers!

Situational Writing

*based on students' recollection

When do you use "I" vs" Me"?

I and ME are both pronouns. This means that they are words which are used in place of a proper name.

Many speakers of English who confuse the two are not sure how to use them correctly, so we put this together to help you figure it out.

I is a subject pronoun....

Revising Effectively for the Oral Exam

Doing well in the oral component is not rocket science even if it makes many of us nervous. With a plethora of topics that are wide-ranging, students sometimes resort to memorising facts or even good phrases. While these things have their place, there are als...

EN Book Recommendations: Something for almost everyone!

Reading good literature not only makes for an interesting pastime, but also exposes children to the nuances of grammar and vocabulary. A less obvious benefit is that it cultivates a vivid imagination. Here are some of our picks for varying le...

Creating A Safe Space For Learning

Do you know if your child is afraid of failure?
Whether or not your child verbalises it, it is probably something that your child worries about.

A 2019 OECD study found that a whopping 3 out of 4 Singaporean students say that they are afraid of failure. In add...