Primary 3 and 4 English Programme Objectives

P3 and P4 English

Lesson Duration: 2 hours
Class size: capped at 8 students

Our lessons also include but are not limited to:

  1. Introducing intermediate grammar concepts and rules to enable students to express themselves effectively.

  2. Introducing the concept of vocabulary in context and the idea of nuances in language that equips them to interpret different text types.

  3. Developing reading strategies that break down more complex passages and to make informed predictions with our Predictive Reading Method for success in the comprehension component of the language paper.

  4. Practising guided structured independent writing tasks that teaches students to develop storylines, create suspense in their plots and write descriptively.

  5. Introducing critical thinking in responding to different text types and then voicing their opinions about information in a respectful and open manner that supports learning.