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Best English Enrichment and Tuition Centre in Singapore

English Language Specialist Enrichment and Tuition Centre
Learner-Centred In-House Curriculum that Incorporates Current Affairs and Global Issues
Empowers Learners Aged 6 to 18 with Critical Thinking Skills

How Are We Different?

Step away from traditional classroom teaching methods into the world of English Ninjas, where every lesson will pique your child's interest in learning English!

Our enrichment and tuition centre offers a unique approach to learning, leveraging the Growth Mindset to nurture students to become critical thinkers and passionate learners.

Our teachers allow each student the opportunity to think critically, ask questions, and learn at their own pace. Rather than provide model compositions that take away students' confidence and opportunities for learning, we empower students with the opportunity to exercise their imagination to create their own engaging storylines and bounce off ideas while having the space to scaffold in the company of peers and teachers in the class.

Our in-house curriculum not only develops each child's English Language skills but also incorporates elements of current affairs, global issues, and notable children's literature to give students a sense of events and issues beyond the classroom.

What makes us uniquely English Ninjas can be seen through our collaborative learning methods and close partnership, feedback and outcomes from our students and their parents.

Join us at English Ninjas to support your child in unlocking their potential and developing a lifelong love of learning!
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