Live Stream: How do I help my child do better in Primary School Comprehension Open-Ended?

Comprehension Open-Ended (COE) is the last section of Paper Two in the English Language examination and carries 20 marks in PSLE Paper 2. A core skill for success in COE is critical reading as the component is designed to test your child's ability to break down information and ideas in the given text. Questions are set to challenge your child to think deeply and see how well he/she is able to turn their findings into effective responses.

Many of our students have benefitted from our in-house methodology and seen marked improvements in their comprehension.

Join us for our #NinjaConnects YouTube Live Stream and learn how you can better support your child in this component!

You Will Learn How To:

Encourage critical thinking by asking the right questions
Learn and apply our in-house Predictive Reading Methodology
Understand answering techniques

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Date: Thursday, 18 May 2023
Time: 20:00 - 21:30 hours (8 - 9.30pm Singapore Time)

This Youtube Live Stream session is suitable for parents who want to better support their children in revising at home and preparing for Weighted Assessments and examinations.

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