EN Book Recommendations: Something for almost everyone!

Reading good literature not only makes for an interesting pastime, but also exposes children to the nuances of grammar and vocabulary. A less obvious benefit is that it cultivates a vivid imagination. Here are some of our picks for varying levels of reading abilities and interests.

Level 1. Amelia Bedelia Means Business by Herman Parish

Join Amelia Bedelia on her quest to earn some dough for a shiny new bicycle. Bouncing from odd jobs like waitressing and selling lemonade, this quirky main character leaves a trail of chaos wherever she goes, spilling condiments on restaurant staff and infuriating businessmen. To Amelia, the most confusing thing in the world is an idiom – she expects to see actual ropes when being “shown the ropes” and feels obliged to remain on her feet while running a lemonade stand, resulting in her hilarious responses to the people she interacts with. Each chapter is short and sweet, making it an easy read. What’s more, the words are accompanied by whimsical illustrations that bring the storyline to life.

Level 2: The Secret of Spiggy Holes by Enid Blyton

The second installment of the Secret Series promises an exciting plot filled with suspense and adventure. What starts out as an innocent family vacation to the Cornish seaside soon morphs into a dangerous expedition as the Arnold siblings seek to uncover the mystery of an imprisoned boy hidden in the Old House on the cliff. Upon discovering that he is the missing Prince of Baronia, the children embark on a mission to help him evade capture by a group of kidnappers. Their return to the secret island and fight to protect the prince results in a heart-warming tale of friendship and courage.

Level 3: Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

Inspired by an actual historical event, this children’s book recounts the story of how a young native comes to terms with cultural upheaval and the loss of innocence. A tribal chief’s daughter, Karana, loses her father in an unjust battle against Russian fur hunters. Later, as the villagers sail towards a better life in the East, Karana and her brother, Ramo, are left behind. Karana soon loses Ramo to a pack of wild dogs yet gains a new canine companion who she names Rontu. In her lone fight for survival, the young girl undergoes an inspiring transformation into a fearless warrior and becomes one with the island. A moving tale of inner strength and self-discovery, this book is a staple in any adolescent’s home library!